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    Monday, Jul 15

    How Voice Recognition Can Go Wrong?

    “Let me count the ways.” EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Remer reported on this topic during the most recent edition of Talk Ten Tuesdays. I have been doing a project evaluating emergency department documentation, and many of the emergency...
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    Monday, Jul 15

    Roadkill as Documentation

    All bad documentation is based on lies – the lies doctors (and all human beings) tell themselves. We always believe our lies, because they are how we construct a false reality that makes our bad behavior seem acceptable to...




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2018 Essentials for Clinical Documentation Integrity

Clinical documentation improvement is more critical than ever, especially with tighter reimbursements and stepped-up compliance checks. With this CDI training tool, you will get one resource that has a structured layout covering all MCDs, case studies drawn from actual documentation, sample queries, and AHA coding clinic references.

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