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    Monday, Jan 14

    Appealing Clinical Validation Denials is a Team Effort

    Clinical validation denials continue to climb. When payers issue clinical validation denials, they challenge diagnoses documented in the chart by the providers caring for the patient. Sometimes, it’s not simply the validity of dia...
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    Monday, Dec 10

    Integrity: The Missing Component in CDI

    Integrity means moving from a retroactive, transactional approach to one that documentations patient care. There is much discussion and movement in the clinical documentation improvement (CDI) industry regarding using the word “in...


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2018 Essentials for Clinical Documentation Integrity

Clinical documentation improvement is more critical than ever, especially with tighter reimbursements and stepped-up compliance checks. With this CDI training tool, you will get one resource that has a structured layout covering all MCDs, case studies drawn from actual documentation, sample queries, and AHA coding clinic references.

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