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Cooperative Exchange Online Payer Survey Allows Users to Rate Health Plans

Original story posted on: January 20, 2014

What if you could tell health plans how they are really doing so they can improve their performance?

That’s the intent of a new survey provided by the Cooperative Exchange, a nationally recognized resource and representative of the clearinghouse industry. This confidential online survey provides a means for healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI) parties (users) to evaluate and monitor healthcare payers’ capabilities. Equally important, payers will be able to use the survey results for benchmarking and quality improvement. 

The survey can be completed by providers, clearinghouses, billing companies, direct submitters of claims, practice management organizations, EHR vendors, employers, and consumers. Survey areas covered include sales and contracting, customer service, EDI capabilities, and general performance. To ensure integrity, Cooperative Exchange verifies each respondent. A minimum number of users must respond regarding each healthcare payer for maximum analysis.

Joe Gonzalez, vice president of Secure EDI and current president of Cooperative Exchange, recently described why this data is important to users.

“The intent of the survey is for providers, vendors, and other front-end healthcare EDI organizations to evaluate the quality and service of their EDI delivery, by payer, in a way that responses can be verified, aggregated, and quantified for use by payer organizations to help improve quality and communication between the payer and provider organizations,” Gonzalez said. “This survey provides an unbiased, objective, and verified view of the healthcare industry’s assessment of the payers’ level of service from an EDI perspective. For any vendor that provides solutions to providers and payers, one of the most challenging aspects of the EDI delivery equation is the payer dynamic.”

Surveys remain active for 12 months and are confirmed prior to any updates being posted to the results. Individuals are entitled to complete a survey for as many payers as they’d like, but only will be able to evaluate a specific payer on an annual basis.

Cooperative Exchange can provide customized reports and trending data on the survey results. A five-year history is maintained to allow for long-term analysis and trending. Results are to be made available online to any payer for a monthly fee. Healthcare payers that subscribe will receive access to current metrics on performance, a guarantee of secure and accurate results, 24/7 accessibility, and customized reports.

“This allows healthcare payers to identify their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competition, and it also provides healthcare payers a quantitative means to measure the ‘provider experience,’” Gonzalez said. “Cooperative Exchange promotes and continues to advance electronic data exchange, and we believe this survey will improve efficiencies, allow payers to evaluate feedback specific to their provider organizations, and also allow them to benchmark their products, services, and capabilities with other payer organizations.”

“This exciting new offering will provide a level of transparency previously unavailable and will help providers, vendors, employers, and other industry stakeholders in their evaluation, delivery, and administrative processes,” Gonzalez added.

To register and begin, go online to www.cooperativeexhcange.org and click on the “Payer Survey” tab.

CE members include ACS EDI Gateway; the American Medical Association (AMA); Apex EDI; AXIOM Systems, Inc.; Availity; CareMedic Systems; Capario; ClaimLogic; Claimsnet; eProvider Solutions; Gateway EDI; GE Healthcare; GHN‐Online; HDM Corp.; Healthcare Billing and Management Association (HBMA); Health-e-Web; Jopari Solutions; Medical Electronic Attachment (MEA); NextGen Healthcare; OfficeAlly; OptumInsight; RealMed, an Availity Company; RelayHealth; Secure EDI; Siemens HDX; The SSI Group, Inc., Streamline Health, Utah Health Information Network (UHIN); WEX, Inc. and ZirMed.

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