Resolve Your Confusion About Encephalopathy

Original story posted on: February 22, 2018

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Why is This Webcast Relevant?

Altered mental status is a common manifestation of illness which often signifies severe physiological derangement. To accurately reflect its importance, clinicians need to use appropriate terminology to capture risk adjustment. Attendees will resolve their confusion about the types and etiologies of encephalopathy. The use of precise language will facilitate capturing the correct codes and the inpatient risk adjustment impact commensurate with this condition. Comfort with clinical indicators will give coders, CDI professionals, and physician advisors the ammunition they need to prevent and appeal denials.

Learning Objectives:

From this important webcast, you will be empowered to…

  • Recognize clinical indicators in the medical record suggesting encephalopathy
  • Distinguish different etiologies and different types of encephalopathy
  • Compose provider-friendly queries regarding encephalopathy
  • Use appropriate references to combat denials regarding encephalopathy