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Updated on: March 17, 2016

Vendors: Are You Really Ready? Really?

Original story posted on: February 25, 2014

Rumors were circulating about the exhibit floor and in meeting rooms yesterday that there would a meeting today with the practice management vendors to assess their readiness. A recurring complaint heard often during our Talk-Ten-Tuesday broadcasts comes from providers who report that ICD-10 vendors will not ready in time with their system upgrades to conduct appropriate testing before I-10 kicks in on October 1, 2014. So it comes as no surprise to learn that there will, in fact, be a meeting sometime today with—you guessed it—practice management software vendors. What makes this meeting even more significant is that CMS’ Denesecia Green has been invited to attend.

Disclaimer: Every reasonable effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time it was published. However, due to the nature of industry changes over time we cannot guarantee its validity after the year it was published.
Chuck Buck

Chuck Buck is the publisher of ICD10monitor and is the executive producer and program host of Talk Ten Tuesdays.

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