Updated on: September 23, 2013

VitalWare Introduces VitalView, an ICD-10 Vendor Readiness Dashboard

Original story posted on: June 27, 2011

VitalWare has announced that it is rolling out an executive dashboard called VitalView that collects, analyzes and reports which vendors are meeting ICD-10 timelines and requirements, giving healthcare organizations the insight and vendor intelligence needed to make informed decisions for business continuity.

Designed around the premise that providers and payers have the ‘right to know,’ VitalWare’s VitalView provides a progress report on vendor software to ensure compliance and necessary testing by October 1, 2013.

By making vendor readiness more transparent, healthcare organizations can see which business and financial systems are at risk and make informed decisions for improved project management, sustained productivity and uninterrupted reimbursement, according to a news release issued by the company.

“We understand that the transition to ICD-10 can be a time-consuming and costly process,” said Kerry Martin, CEO of VitalWare.  “We were surprised to learn that vendors are at wildly different stages of ICD-10 preparedness, with varying degrees of readiness, not only by company, but within their product suites. VitalView, through a collaborative process, brings all key information together in one place, making the process more efficient and affordable for all.”

VitalView will collect, track and display the following information by vendor and product:

- Identifies which vendor software has a measurable impact on a hospital’s ICD-10 planning based on its function within the hospital and the extent of its use,
- Highlights products that have ‘high impact’ but ‘low readiness’ – alerting the ICD-10 task force that they may have a potential problem, and
- Sends automatic alerts to ICD-10 team members when vendor/product milestones have been missed, completed or are at risk.

Martin added, “While there are many products that should be further along, we also are heartened by the number of vendors that are proactive and keeping up with key deadlines.”

VitalView can help providers, payers and consultants with two levels of service:

VitalView is for organizations that have taken an inventory of ICD-10 affected products and systems, but need help taking that static inventory and creating a dynamic project management tool.

VitalView achieves vendor transparency by:

- Communicating with vendors and holding them accountable through 2013,
- Providing organizations with access to Vendor Dashboard  that displays  where vendors stand with dates, deliverables and overall readiness,
- Sending alerts when vendor and product information is updated¾or when milestones or due dates are slipping,
- Providing access to VitalView’s 5010/ICD-10 knowledgebase and intelligence on each vendor and product, and
- A secure, web-based project management solution, allowing teams to manage and monitor internal projects, schedules, due dates, tasks, resource allocation and expenses for on time and on budget projects.

VitalView Premium is for providers who do not have the time or workforce available to compile an inventory of ICD-10 vendor and product readiness.

With VitalView Premium, providers receive all the features of VitalView plus access to:

- On-site professionals who work with an organization to compile an initial inventory of vendors and systems, and
- Planning, project creation and internal readiness assistance to ensure that organizations will be ready.

“VitalWare’s VitalView helped turned an overwhelming challenge – figuring out where our vendors stand on ICD-10 – into a manageable and insightful process.  We feel better prepared already,” said Vicky Krene, Director of Revenue Cycle at Cottage Health Systems.

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